El Centro de Especialización en Marketing y Deporte (CMD) de ESIC ha creado un grupo en la red social LinkedIn.

El objetivo de este foro y plataforma de conocimiento y networking es ofrecer un espacio de intercambio para:

  • La investigación
  • La innovación
  • El análisis
  • La divulgación
  • La reflexión sobre el marketing, la comunicación y la industria del deporte.

Solicita ahora unirte a él si eres un profesional orientado o especializado en el Sport Business, de España o el mundo.



Fecha: 07 JUN. 2017

Lugar: Esic Valencia. Avda. Blasco Ibáñes, 55. Valencia.


ESIC, Business&Marketing School brings you a new and unique way to examine high performance organisations and how their actions can influence your approach to leadership, teamwork, and corporate culture.

This program explores the business of Formula 1® and the teams participating in this highly competitive sport. It also examines how they operate at the limit of financial, technical and human potential.

Finding ways to create and sustain exceptional levels of performance is a challenge that business leaders face in every organisation. One way this can be addressed is by learning from other industries, in particular ones which distil the essence of how to surpass the competition through consistent, outstanding performance. The business behind the sport of Formula 1® motor racing provides an excellent example. While state-of-the-art technology is on display at every race, it is the organisation and people behind it who design, develop, and perform each and every day that makes the difference between a podium finish and being at the back of the racing grid.


  • Learn how examining the operations and mindsets of Formula 1® teams enables business leaders to focus on how to achieve high performance levels in very competitive markets
  • Understand how the key take-aways from the program can be made applicable to their business and their industry
  • Experience the excitement of Formula 1® racing with the Pit-Stop Challenge

This program is about how racing teams operate in order to achieve success. Executives and managers across all industries, entrepreneurs striving to grow their businesses, and anyone who is working in a competitive and rapidly changing business environment will gain insights that can be directly applicable in their own workplace.
We recommended English level B1+.


The program is facilitated and designed by Richard West and Mark Grimes. Mark has spent 7 years working with the Williams F1 Team in the Marketing and Events department, working alongside many Fortune 500 companies such as BMW, FedEx, Allianz, Ranstad, Unilever and HP.
The program is inspired by the book Performance at the Limit – Business Lessons from Formula 1® Motor Racing. This highly successful book was originally published in 2005, a second edition was published in 2009 and the latest, third edition launched in June 2016. The book also inspired an eight-part BBC series in 2007 called, “Formula for Success.” In addition to Mark, programs will also be co-facilitated by Richard West, Former F1 marketing chief, businessman and co-author of Performance at the Limit.
This is an interactive program using case studies, exercises, videos and lively discussions. It introduces participants to the key concepts and essential skills needed to succeed in the fast-paced business of Formula 1® and how they are relevant and transferable to their own industries and organizations.

Includes PIT STOP at Campos Racing: Pit-stop Challenge

At the home of Campos racing, Alzira, Valencia, participants will get to experience the excitement of working in a team within a highly competitive environment. The Pit-Stop Challenge engages teams in a powerful, inspiring, shared experience – the positive impact of the results will shape your long term business objectives. Important elements of strategy, planning, communication, leadership, and teamwork. Utilising a genuine racing car and equipment, teams are briefed, trained and work on a simulated pit stop to demonstrate how teams can work together to best effect.